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Useful Tricks For Maintaining Your Garden

Garden Tips8

Gardening is an activity that makes people relaxed. However, it can be frustrating for someone.
No need for hassles.
There is an easier way of doing almost every activity that you do in your garden.
These tricks will help you make your garden a wonderful place.

Beer is an efficient snail repellent

Garden Tips2

Keep your garden tools in sand to avoid rust

Garden Tips5

Watering can be more efficient this way

Garden Tips9

You can make great hanging gardens from an old shoes shelf

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Garden Tips10

Water your plants while you are away with a piece of paper putting one end in water and other end in the soil

Garden Tips7

Make garden tools from plastic bottles

Garden Tips1

Put some coffee into the soil to make it more fertile

Garden Tips12

Plants can grow even in an egg shell

Garden Tips4

Use lemon zest to plant a seed faster

Garden Tips11

Water the plants with old wine bottles

Garden Tips6

Sweeten your tomato plants with baking soda

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