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(Video) Bike Parkour On The Streets Of San Francisco

Bike Parkour 4

There are lots of cyclists on San Francisco streets, but this time they’re not the helmeted business commuters or the bobbing-and-weaving messengers — nor are they tattooed and bearded fixie hipsters. No, these are bike parkour daredevils who’ve declared they’ve conquered San Francisco.

Bike Parkour 3

Bike Parkour 2

An installment of the OneTankAdventure video series, director Devin Super Tramp and several of these bike parkour riders recently made a stop in San Francisco to see what challenges our streets could provide. Extreme riders took to 16-inch BMX bikes and seatless mountain bikes to defy gravity with strength, flexibility, and balance in a way that makes anxiety fun.

Bike Parkour 1

Check out the video of their rides through San Francisco:

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