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What Do You Know About Judas Tree?


Scientifically classified as Cercis siliquastrum, this tree grows to approximately 30 feet in height and width, has pointy, heart-shaped green leaves and produces purple-pink or red flowers and many seeded pods. A native North American version of the Judas tree is called the redbud or American Judas tree (Cercis canadensis) and is cultivated throughout the United States and in southern Canada. Redbuds are smaller than their Eurasian counterparts.



Judas tree is a type of light and heat, resistant to drought, modest demands in relation to the soil. Decorative type is very often grown in parks, individually and in groups. This tree, except in gardens, can be planted in containers which can decorate terraces and other open areas, and it is interesting that can be grown as bonsai.

Is one of the oldest trees on Earth because they discovered its fossilized remains of ancient and more than 100 million years (living fossil).



It is, according to legend, the type of tree from which Judas hanged himself, and its once-white blossoms blushed with shame to be part of such a terrible history.
Or perhaps it’s called the Judas Tree because the clusters of blossoms sometimes hang from the branches, suggesting a hanging man.
Or maybe it’s all just a mistake: its French name–“Tree of Judea”–misunderstood as “Tree of Judas.” Legend is funny that way.



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