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Which Of These 15 Affordable Fences Will Best Keep Privacy In Your Garden?

Garden Fence Feat

Everyone wants a cozy corner in the garden where the whole family can relax in privacy and peace. But the densely populated living areas make this task difficult, sometimes there are the neighbors, even the curious passers-by who throw glances inside. And one must not judge, because movement automatically draws attention. The solution might be to build a screening for the garden that will help you in keeping your privacy, but it will also be a great decorative detail for your inside garden design. We thought of bringing you ideas about options you can choose for a privacy fence. So, take a look and see which one do you like the most:

1. Build a Screen That Combines a Screen, A Pergola and a Couch All in One

Garden Fence 12

2. If You Go for a Lattice Fence It Will Allow Light Along with Keeping Your Garden Separate from Neighborhood

Garden Fence 10

3. Go For Freestanding Trellis Privacy Fences That Are Easily Portable Too

Garden Fence 13

4. Build a Screen from Reclaimed Wood and Add a Cute Window Accent to It

Garden Fence 11

5. Show Your Creativity with a Painted Privacy Fence

Garden Fence 7

6. Give Your Home’s Exterior a Tropical Feel with a Bamboo Fence

Garden Fence 5

7. Recycle Some Old Shutters into a Fence

Garden Fence 8

8. Build a Chevron Pattern Privacy Screen

Garden Fence 9

9. For An Industrial Look Go For a Corrugated Metal Fence

Garden Fence 6

10. Upcycle Old Doors for Making a Screen for your Your Patio

Garden Fence 4

11. You Can Easily Make a Screen with PVC Pipes and Curtains Too

Garden Fence 2

12. Make Your Own Painted Screen with a Canvas Drop Cloth

Garden Fence 3

13. Build a Fence From Planted Pallets

Garden Fence 1

14. Use artistic panels created with wood frames, and filled with wire mesh and panels of fabric

Garden Fence 15

15. Use wood garden fence with some interesting design or combine the woo fence with a concrete wall. This is a very charming blend and a great idea for privacy fence

Garden Fence 14

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