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Wind Spinners – Add Motion to Your Garden

Garden Wind Spinners 6

In the past century wind spinners created by local craftspeople have come to be seen as folk art and are now collectibles. Not only do spinners add color and movement, but the motion may help shoo away pesky animals, so whirligigs can also be viewed as a functional piece in your garden and yard.

Wind spinners can be entertaining, artistic, or functional, or certainly all three. Here’s some possibilities:

Garden Wind Spinners 2

Garden Wind Spinners 3

When you are looking for wind spinners, be sure to check out the reviews, as sometimes there are complaints about the items not spinning properly or at all. This problem might be due to crushing during shipping and can be gently maneuvered back to working order. Sometimes a little oil will do the trick. However, other reviewers report that even though it doesn’t spin correctly, their spinner is so pretty that it doesn’t matter that it doesn’t spin.

Garden Wind Spinners 4

Garden Wind Spinners 5

Garden Wind Spinners 7

Garden Wind Spinners 8

Garden Wind Spinners 9

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