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Zackees Cycling Gloves: Do They Add A New Level of Protection?


There is a new name in cycling gloves, and that name is Zackees. Zackees has created an innovative new glove designed to keep cyclists safer on the road. Simply put, Zackees have made gloves that also act as turn signals. This handy little feature will help you communicate with those larger, more aggressive vehicles that you share the road with in your travels. This will help give everyone around you a better idea of where you are headed and hopefully cut down on the number of bike accidents every year. After all, if cars have turn signals and you are on the same road as them, you should have them as well. These are an especially useful tool if you ride your bike at night, something that an increasing number of people are doing around the country, with an increase in ridership in the city. Whether you are gliding along to or from work or getting in a little workout after you get home for the day, Zackees cycling gloves with turn signals will enhance your ability to do these activities safely. They will not eliminate the need for standard bike lights, but will instead work side-by-side with them to clearly communicate your presence and intentions on the roadway.


So how do these gloves work? As you are cruising along on your bike—or pedaling furiously depending on your fitness level—and you want to make a turn, simply hold up the arm that is on the side you are turning and press your thumb to your index finger (pressing the connectors, which turn on the light). Because they are oriented for you to hold it up where your hand will be easily seen by whoever is behind you, the arrow will clearly indicate to whoever sees it the direction you are turning. Still, even when you are riding with both hands on the wheel, activating the signal will certainly help those in front of you as to your intended path. Either way, because they are bright LED lights, they attend to attract attention, which is a good thing if you are on a bicycle in traffic.

Zackees cycling gloves with turn signals have a few more features that make them well worth a buy. To begin with, they are fully machine washable. Cycling gloves tend to get sweaty and dirty after prolonged use, leading to wear and tear. The ability to clean them with ease extends their life. Make sure you hang dry them, however! You also might be concerned with the powerful LED lights and battery life. On a full charge, the batteries are designed to last three weeks, but are also rechargeable. Further, they come with a backup set of batteries that will allow you to stay on the road while the first set gets more power.


The only downside we’ve found to these gloves is that they are fingerless. As the temperatures drop, sadly, they won’t be warm enough to wear throughout the winter. Which is the season when they are needed the most during the dark evening. Aside from that flaw, they are a comfortable cycling glove, which give you an added bit of safety.

Check out the Zackees website for more details.

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